Apparently a live stream today

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Going live in about 2-3 minutes. I missed the memo.

Content creators are doing a purge together with give aways

What platform?

FC is on Twitch and youtube. Most of the content peeps are also live streaming it as well. Twitch is unstable where I’m at so I’m lurking in Wak’s stream.

My connection just went really bad and so I wont be able to watch it

If any FC folks are reading this. Can we get giveways for console folks OOOOOOORRR maybe Crom Coin?

Got to a stable connection and that was fun to watch.

Stream was great and fun!

Faith restored- thank you Funcom.

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Always a grand irony that the professed majority of players are not included in any give away events.

Also, you have the truth of it, CC would be an excellent give away

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