Apply a thrall/pet "kill" option

Pls apply an option in the radial menu to kill/delete placed thralls… The option should be bound with a confirmation message.
The thralls/pets left behind on decayed bases/or bases that r moved is really annoying… When a base gets decayed or a player moves, then apply the decay timmer of placables to thralls/pets, so anyone who finds em to be able to kill them…


I agree here, at least with thralls there is the solution of taking them and making them your own (unless you’re on PvE or PvE-C), but there’s not that same solution with pets, so a kill/abandon option at least for pets is needed.

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They do dissapear eventually, have faith :slight_smile:

I d prefer kill even my own, that r placed in a temporary base, than having to move em one by one or travel them to volcano/yog shrine in order to kill em…

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I strip mine, and set them to guard the skellie village by the sink hole. With no food they last a week, then are gone. If your lucky the skellies will kill them first.

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