Apply MOD Fashionist to official PVE servers

Some time ago, as everyone knows, the game sadly limited everyone to 55 slaves, which in fact did NOT improve the servers at all, on the contrary it got a LOT worse, the servers are practically unplayable.

But this is not the question that I come to talk about, one of the main losses of the game for the PVE was being able to “show” their armor on the slaves, since we always use them as a “clothes display” on the PVE, until now funcom has not yet presented no solution for that in PVE, but the community has already come up with an incredible solution.

An “alternative” version of the game called “Conan Exiles - Age of calamitous”, which is Conam absurdly improved by MODs, is very successful here in Brazil, this is a real fever here in the country.

Among many unbelievable additions like, magic, wizards, new magical animals and magical bosses, new cities more elaborate in the game, and the display of weapons and tools in the character’s body, in short they did in MOD everything we always dreamed of being done in official game, and the result is incredible.

But of all these incredible crazy things so much fun that we don’t have in the official game, a simple item catches my attention, the “armor mannequin” that simple item would solve part of our frustration of keeping our armor in the chests, it is beautiful, it’s useful, it’s practical, not to mention how satisfying it is to have a dressing room with armor in front of you, and not inside a chest.


all of this already exists and works perfectly in the game, I watch a lot of the game live and I think funcom should start looking at what the game’s MOD community creates to incorporate into the game, they are often closer to what we want to the game than you, who are certainly not players of the game itself, nobody plays the game itself.

NOTE: I am still looking forward to the improvements in the horse system making them horses, vehicles that are quick and easy to move around with a simple movement system and the possibility of taking your beloved and inseparable warrior slave.

Hugs to all and good work

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