Aquilonian and Kithanian Weapons and Armor : Problems!

Aquilonian and Kithanian Weapons and Armor.

I made a comparison of the aquilonian and kithan weapons and armor with the vanilla equivalent items (example: basic heavy armor [vanilla] <=> Aquilonian Armor of the Black Dragon), I checked by myself and I noticed two big problems :

I find it unfortunate that the aquilonian and kithan items are :

  1. Not improvable !
  2. Less armor (armor) and less damage (weapons) !
    (compared to the equivalent weapons and armor in the vanilla game)

French :

J’ai fait un comparatif des armes et armures aquiloniennes et kithanes avec les items équivalents vanilla (exemple : Armure lourde de base <=> Armure aquilonienne du Dragon Noir), j’ai vérifié par moi-même et j’ai constaté un gros problème :

Je trouve dommage que les items aquiloniens et kithans soient :

  1. Non améliorables !
  2. Moins d’armure (armure) et moins de dégâts (armes) !
    (par rapport aux armes et armures équivalentes dans le jeu vanilla)

you have to get an Aquilonian armorer to improve the armor I believe for the Aquilonian armor which luckily spawn in the relic hunter city.

I’m talking about craftable items !

All of these items have at least 1 point less (or more) in armor and damage !

And they are not improvable !

For me, it’s a big problem, it annoys me because I paid 20 euros (23 dollars) for just cosmetics !

If I want a better weapon or a better armor it is not in these DLC that I will find something correct and effective, and equivalent to the objects of the vanilla game !

I got screwed !
I’m clearly deceived, cheated, misleaded… !!!

So why is this so ?
I think at the start, before launch of the dlc’s it was intended to make them with similars stats to vanilla. Then people complained so much and loud that the dlc was … ehem… overpowerd, or some pushed it further to state it was a “pay-to-win”, what definitevely it is not. People argued and complained so much that FC lowered the stats, and that’s was the outcome.

I don’t care to much about this fact. The dlc are nice, and i bought them more for the building stuff, and to help the development of the game. But i think FC should listen less to the wrong people.

PS: in french - entre nous, qu’avons-nous encore actuellement pour 20 euros ? plus grand chose, donc le prix n’est pas si excessif que ça à mon avis. Mais je comprends très bien ton soucis.

Vanity slots would simply solve this conundrum.

Yes the concern is that today the DLC 10 euros bring little but much more to devs, publishers and others … In the end, it is more the devs (and publishers …etc.) who are beneficiaries and who have an easy financial income while the consumer is allowed to have DLCs that are not worth it, which are not worth their price !

To avoid stormy discussions, the solution is to put these items at the same level as vanilla items and make them upgradable like any other, and everyone will be happy !

French :
Oui le souci c’est qu’aujourd’hui les DLC à 10 euros apportent peu mais ils apportent beaucoup aux devs et autres. Au final ce sont plus les devs (et les éditeurs…etc) qui ont une rentrée financière facile pendant que le consommateur se laisse avoir par des DLC qui n’en valent pas le coup, qui ne valent pas leur prix !

Pour éviter les discussions houleuses, la solution c’est de mettre ces items au même niveau que les items vanilla et de les rendre améliorables comme tous les autres, et tout le monde sera content !

Grinding, armor are almost all equivalent to vanilla items.

But for weapons, this is not the case, they are less powerful:
I give some examples:


Iron ax: 18
Khitan war ax: 16

Iron Targe: 17
Aquilonian Shield: 13

Iron two-handed sword: 26
Great Aquilonian Sword (Iron): 19
Great sword / Jian Khitan (iron): 19

Hyrkanian Lightbow: 7
Aquilonian bow (Bossonian): 5

But the main problem is that they are not improvable !
At high level the improvements are higher and there the vanilla items remain the most powerful of the game, and the items of the DLC are useless !

They are beautiful but useless !

The devs do not have the sense of measure, of moderation, it was necessary to put them just slightly stronger than the others, or to make them equivalent with the vanilla objects.

But especially the main problem is that they are not improvable and that’s a big problem !

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I agree with the above.

There was a time where even the epic versions were underpowered. We were exceedingly vocal about it, until they at least matched it up to star metal tier.

Think Funcom wants people to work for it, so it shall never be said that any of this is pay-2-win.

regarding vanity slots.

I feel that it’s not a good idea, here’s why.

Right now, as the game currently is, if you see someone wearing a certain type of armor, you can pretty much make a good guess to their stat build and that allows you, in a pvp situation to gauge what you should and shouldn’t do in regards to combat. Same thing with the weapons.

Don’t get me wrong, I would really love to wear the nicer looking armors over some of the bad ones, but I just don’t feel the vanity slot thing is a good idea, especially in Conan where what you see a person wearing matters.

At first I had thought Firespark81 had a good idea on the additional modifications that we could add ourselves to have heat or cold resistance or a certain type of stats, but that doesnt really help either and in a way is still more like a vanity slot adjustment.

Unfortunately, I dont have any ideas on what can be done other than to add or subtract a “fur lining” model to armors for heat/cold resistances or to adjust the look of armors based on the stat adjustment added IE: strength could add spikes (additional damage right?) or plating (grit) etc…but this is probably more work and effort than they are willing to go thru.

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This isn’t entirely fair. They are a step between the stone and iron weapons. You can craft them earlier and with a reduced material cost.

It’s true they are improvable, I was wrong, I probably had to try to put an armor improvement on a weapon or conversely, sorry.

(What NPCs T3 and T4 can do is huge !)

I find it unfortunate that there is not a long iron sword or a variant of the broad iron sword, and later, a long steel sword, which does more damage up to the boarding sword or falcata, I do not like boarding sabers or falcatas, I prefer a good old long sword or bas*tard sword, fast and efficient, and their design is prettier, when done well and well designed.

Two-handed swords could also be much better.

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