Aquilonian Bath Set Refund

Please allow us an option to be refunded our Crom Coins for this set. Latrine still not being available after a patch is a bit of a joke.

Happy to forfeit the other items in the set also if refund is an option.


I agree. How long has it been now? To have a patch and still no latrine after this long is borderline insulting.

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Select In-Game Purchase as an option.

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I’ve submitted a ticket. Thing is, I, along with anybody else, should not have to.


is it still not available to craft? I assumed since there was a few GB update on PS5 that that’s one of the things it included. I pulled the trigger on the bath set and crafted the toilets and placed them, is that still not possible for some?

Unable to craft, unable to admin spawn. As I understand, new purchase of the set is fine, older purchase having issues.

Regardless, I and others gave Funcom our money a long time ago. I don’t see why a refund is out of the question if we have not received our item.


Whining about it here won’t do you any good. You have two choices wait or do a charge back if you used a credit card to purchase the CC and accept the ban. So your are in a hard spot for a digital toilet.

While this one sympathizes, deeply and somewhat bitterly…

The ticketing system is the only way to progress towards resolution in this regard.

No, it shouldn’t have come to this.
Yes, it is obnoxious that those purchasing now are getting it before those who did so a month ago.
There is no resolution to be had in this format. Only an opportunity to vent and then read as others reveal their nature. If the social aspect is the Crux, then this is the place. But if you want the Crom Coins, or the Holey Throne, the ticket system is the start.


damn, really sorry to hear that, totally unfair that those who purchased it a month ago still don’t have access, that’s absolutely ridiculous!!!


I am with you in this one, count me in. We do not expect real money refund, but game currency refund. If something is not working properly allow me to give it back and spend coins to something that does!
What happens right now is not correct, what @everybodyvsME is asking is correct, so i support it 100%

Edit. Another member just send me this @everybodyvsME

Please submit a ticket like @Taemien said!

This however, doesn’t change the fact that refunds on crom coins must exist!

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It’s not though, just the only two choices they given.

Easy fix is add that stuff to the base game and give it to everyone, because Funcom messed up. Then allow people who paid for it to submit a ticket if they want Crom coin credits for the purchase. This is just terrible business practice. They must be writing a book on how to lose consumer confidence as quickly as possible.


While this one agrees that this has been an absurdly crappy situation…
There is a difference between the right answer and the right now answer.
Those who want a refund should absolutely request one.
A form of privy would be an excellent addition to the base game. Having it as premium content reminds this one of the musical Urinetown, where you must pay for the privilege to pee.

That having been said, this one’s latrine has been installed and is in working order now.


So you’re all aware, I did in fact submit a ticket and Funcom did offer to either allocate the latrine to my account or refund the Crom Coins.

I opted to take the refund and can confirm that they have done so.

Wish you all well. :+1:t2::beers:


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