Aquilonian Necromancers, or how to create them

I have recently returned to this game (been playing on and off for some years), and read in several places that Aquilonians can now be Necromancers.

Feeling excited, and not having any spare character slots, I ended up deleting Stygian Necromancer so I could roll a brand new Aquilonian one, only to discover that I simply can’t.

Despite seeing videos of people playing Aqui Necros, reading about their availability in the news, patch notes about fixing issues with them and even seeing them in game my self, when I choose Aquilonian as race the option for Necromancer stays greyed out.

Am I doing something wrong here?
Has the ability to create Aqui Necros been secretly removed?

i had to go to the chracter creation and have a look and you’re right, you can create stygian DTs, and cimmerians assasins, but you can’t select aquilonian necromancers, maybe a bug or something?

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Thank you for the report. Aquilonian Necromancers are still intended to be available, and that will be fixed in a future update. Sorry for the trouble!


The latest update fixed the issue.


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