Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero

Is Arbiter Vincenzo Palmiero broken? Or has Funcom decided to remove him? He was gone all last week and he did not return on Sunday April 11th. I thought I had my weeks confused, but now he has been gone for at least two weeks.

Any word on what the issue is?


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Ark on Discord says he’s broken, “We’re aware of the problem and are working on it…” no time frame so gets the ol’ “soon TM”.

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Thanks … hopefully it isn’t a timer, counter or expiration date that expired like the trouble with land control from years back. Out of the blue controlled land that was set as " not available " suddenly came open because a date had expired.


p.s. When was he patched in? After Arete & ICC being revamped to accommodate server merge?
The new missions he gives out were patched in 5 years ago, April 14th … Check there?

Palmiero was patch 18.8.13

Right after we got The Reck.

Technically he was supposed to spawn April 3rd/4th so it might be a timing issue. I know the daily rewards had a 404 Gateway error and a lot of us theorize that also broke Palmiero.

Andy hasn’t logged on to Discord in weeks, either. I’m wondering if maybe Tencent shut down the North Carolina branch that manages the game, so nobody’s around to hit the Arbiter switch anymore.

I think Andy blocked you, he’s been online :stuck_out_tongue:

Well … If he was supposed to spawn on April 4th, then he should have spawned yesterday and did not.

NVM, he is here today … so we missed only yesterday and the April 4th week.


There was a bug/issue that FC had to fix.