Arbitrary Increase to Grind with Siptah

So, now you have to craft each empty glass flask individually and manually? Why did you increase the grind and base size so arbitrarily, Funcom? I have 3950 hours playing the game and all the DLC. I love role play and I am really turned off the game now. Most RP servers have build size limits which makes it impossible to fit the new stations in a build under those constraints.

I really dislike Siptah map for all the reasons in the recent Producer letter (great that they listened to player feedback).

I really dislike the arbitrary changes to make the game more grindy. Time to give this game a break. BG3 is fantastic. :smiley:

I would hope that private RP owners would understand this and allow for some enlarging of the max on their servers. They are by nature more in tune to helping fellow RPers.

Seems like there’s an opportunity to be had for a glassblower.

But nah… everyone wants to be the billy-joe bad-■■■ that can wrestle dragons like the crocodile hunter. And since the notion of RP is brought up. You’re not really supposed to be able to ‘do everything’. That’s commonly known as Powergaming. This isn’t to say you can’t have multiple talents (and on some servers due to population and timezones, you have to be), but it really helps a RP community when talents, capabilities, and specialties are spread out amongst the community.

You don’t always have to RP the biggest baddest fighter. I know my most successful character in a RP setting never entered direct combat on their own. Their profession was that of a broker. Not even a merchant themselves, but connected merchants together and suppliers. Due to their ability to form networks and such, they became a noble, and eventually a leader of a nation-state.

Conan may have become King of Aquilonia by his own hand. But there are dozens of different ways to attain that.

So glass flasks and coins are bugged. They tried to address the problem quickly by moving the flasks and coins back to the furnace but that caused bigger problems. So they moved production back to the casting bench.

Just start the one flask or cook. Then click the button that does “craft all” and you will be able to queue up the maximum items possible based on available materials.


That bug happens randomly with tons of stuff on PS4.

Buy flasks in Sepermeru or in the northern NPC camp on Siptah with silver coins.


This ^^

Because there is nothing more fun to have a 9-5 job, go home and pretend to be a glassblower for 3 hours on your favourite game!

Jokes aside i think that one of the most fun aspects of RP is dealing with people. Trading information, getting to know everyone, being liked by the most powerful faction around, earning diplomatic immunity because you did something for everyone, that sort of thing.

I put two molds in the bench, and when I click it, then click it again, it does all.

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Dude I know it sounds silly. But I’ve had the best fun in some of these games playing crap like that. The best character I’ve ever played was a bartender in some MMORPG. There was all kinds of shenanigans that happened with that. Zombies, Vampires, Ninjas, Pirates, Assassins, you name it, it all came in through the door.

I mean a broker, how much more boring do you think that could be? You don’t even buy and sell yourself, you arrange others to do it. But that one led to some interesting character to character networking. The bartender example above was pretty much a fantasy version of Cheers.

With RP, you just gotta pick a direction and run with it.

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Right !? I don’t know why anyone would bother crafting these glass flasks themselves when they’re so cheap from Vennor in Sepermeru !

Even a professional glassblower would run out of business with such competition ! :wink:

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