Arched doorways / arched supports

No idea how feasible/practical this is, and it purely goes to aesthetics, but arched doorways would be cool and arched brick/stone supports for vaulted ceilings for larger epic buildings.


I totally agree and support this suggestion! FunCom, make this happen regardless of feasibility!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This would definitly open up a lot of possibilities for different styles!

Agreed :loud_sound:

Also glass ceiling tiles and walls for bigger windows or just to let the light in and maybe look out and see this beautiful game. We can make glass from crystals, so add a glassmaker or something. Would make for cool pools or floors over water too. Sometimes you want to show others your work without loosing it to theives. It could be really thick glass for added security.


Immersion wise no. Glass before 1480 couldn’t be made larger than a 3 ft diameter piece because, structurally, they couldn’t support their own weight. They were of a yellowish or greenish color from iron oxide. Skylights if they did exist were very small and used in non-defensive structures mostly religious or policitcal structures for more natural light. The glass than was thicker than today’s only because it would break by it’s own weight.

It would be nice but, immersion wise, it would be pointless. Any structure piece with glass should be treated as having a very low health door we can break. Also glass thicker than two inches let very little light in and was still easily broken due to the airbubbles inside from working with such think glass.

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Wow, you really researched the crap out of that! How about gates of some sort you can see thru on both the ceiling or walls??





You are, of course, entirely correct. Then again, some of the stuff we can create (automatic elevators especially) also stand out as way above the general technology level involved.

A technology level with an insanely big span (if compared to our world) by the way, from primitive stone age to pretty advanced metallurgy.

So, yeah, paned glass is definitely a serious anachronism (if you can speak of anachronism in a fantasy world).

But I agree that glass, if more than small decorative windows, should not be used as a defensive structure, and so should have pretty low HP.

For the record I’m not against glass walls etc, I just wouldn’t want to see it implemented as any sort of “Tier 4” stuff, stronger than stone. Cost-wise I think it should be prohibitive: it should be a vanity or high-end “crowning achievement” to build a glasshouse greenery or similar. Though knowing how efficient and dedicated some players are, I know it wouldn’t be long before we’d see glass castles big enough to make Prince Albert rise from his grave and go “enough, dude!”.


Agreed you wouldn’t use glass for PvP, only on PvE servers. Greenhouses would be alright. I was originally thinking for those builders out there as decor items and to keep out theives as it would act as a sandstone ceiling tile or wall piece with less health. Course on Pvp servers you could use them in traps to get people to enter here lol. :thinking:

Gates are cool too and could be made out of steel or reinforced steel and you could kind of still see through them.:thinking:

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Elevators are simple pulley systems they have been around for a long time it’s disputable when they were first actually implemented. Its safe to assume the character is pulling the rope themself, sadly no animation. Archways are one of the archaic engineering miracles that we still use today. Greenhouses weren’t a thing till late Victorian age so roughly 1800s a French botanist, can’t remember his name used it to grow tropical medicinal plants. Please I usually don’t need to research some of this stuff but if I am wrong give me a link so I can correct myself. Engineering is one of my big interests growing up as a child even today I like to Google random engineering feats. China has a great many that I have been reading about.

I’m not against glass windows or walls but I just want it to be more accurate than pretty, for lack of better word. Glass making didn’t evolve until the chemicals necessary we’re made/discovered. If you look at older castles prior 1480s, with no renovations, they did not have glass windows. Even churches did not but they did have several windows joined together with stone work in between to support them. Those I would get behind with because those are both amazing to look at and fit that general time line/era.

Steel was made by the Chinese, hell if I know which dynasty, around the 200 bc to 200 ad. And another started producing hardened steel after that.

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Some suspension of disbelief is always required, but this one, to me, does not fit the bill. I guess it’s the whole “handle” or “pull on skull” thing that makes me feel like no rope-pulling is going on. I do realize it’s just an abstraction because actually having to pull the rope would be a pain.

Still, if you remove the “automatic” part they do fit in a whole lot better, technologically speaking. So that’s probably the right course of action whether it makes sense or not. The only real alternative, I guess, is magic, which is a terrible cop-out.

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It is rough to say how accurate they work in game and the mechanics are very iffy. It’s more of devs DOL than anything. They could cut the animation by doing it that I guess.

Very well said

Whole heartedly agree.

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If I remember correctly, elevators were not really planned, it was just one of their developers who - more or less on their free time - came up with the elevators, and they were like “hey it’s kinda cool, let’s put it in!”. Which is possibly why they sort of feel a bit like the “odd one out” compared to the rest of the stuff. I’m not unhappy they’re there though.


Makes things way easier

The Lost/Thrall City has some different building pieces I’d like to build and some glass in some of the windows both big and small. Not wall of glass but different window shapes and sometimes more than one window on a wall. One with a curtain, one with a shutter and some with glass maybe not see-thru. I would like to have a larger window to see thru on either roof or wall. To make a nice greenhouse or sun room would be pretty cool. I love the way the town looks in the pictures I’m attaching that are in the Lost City. Layered and village looking with lots of homes in a tight area. You could still have the standard always open window too!

The wood span bridges/walkways are awesome and would love to build across some ravines to put up access to areas in my base.

The arched doorway into where Conan is located is an awesome arched doorway as the OP might be looking for.

Love the stone colors here in the above pic, really a nice look I’d like at my base.




A nice cathedral styled theme DLC would be good. I like the two we have but want to see some European style medievil structures next.

Those windows are roughly within the means of time period/era that the game is placed in. The larger windows are all reinforced as they would have been either by metal lacing or stone framing. Perfect for a builders dlc.

Well adding more (cosmetic) buildings DLC is a virtually limitless business opportunity (if the game can stay relevant), and one I wouldn’t mind seeing them pursue at all.

Buy the ones you like, skip the ones you don’t (I personally have no interest in the Khitan one for example). If they help keep the game profitable and thus supported, it’s a win/win.

Though they’d probably have to look into improving the crafting UI then, it’s pretty cluttered already.

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Some of it needs to be non-DLC as well.