Archer AI spacing out

Single player testlive

An Archer, equipped with a bow and arrows engaged ranged combat, will space out during combat.
Archer will behave with the bow full drawn animation and walk around slowly in various directions aiming at a target never firing an arrow.

EDIT: I would like to add I’m seeing this behavior in the human npc AI as well - Bow drawn, stuck in aiming animation, pacing around slowly in random directions, unable to fire an arrow.

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I corroborate this. I brought an Archer along for some PVP. In about an hour he managed to fire only 18 arrows. The rest of the time he stood around looking mildly menacing and watched me get beaten up a lot.

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I noticed that the archers tended to have a problem when you overfill their inventory, that is you force them to equip their bow and add 5 full slots of arrows (or food). When our archers were firing at the wall nonstop we cut them down to 4 slots of arrows (with 1 free slot for the unequipped bow) and they would stop. May have been coincidence, but give it a shot and see if it helps.

Please also indicate that the testing was done without mods or no. And if with mods, verify the issue occurs without mods as well.

Hi @Exiled1, we’re aware that this issue is still occurring as it wasn’t specifically addressed in the patch.

To clarify, it’s a different issue than the weapon swap one shared in the patch notes.

I can confirm the same issue occurs at random with fighters as well as archers.

I’m guessing you already knew that @Hugo but I wanted to make sure.

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