Archer heavy attack needs to change

Heavy attack needs to rework. Making heavy into sniper is bad ideal, throw gas arrows and explosive arrows with sniper shots.

Heavy shots should just add damage bonus not range.

Put more points in accuracy. At least 40. Then report back what you see. Trust me, you’ll be surprised.

I think miss understanding my post I wasn’t saying bows are weak. I am saying that they shouldn’t be sniper or use as siege weapons.

U can’t defend ur base with thralls archers because they be sniped. Plus they can use sniper be away from thralls to blow up ur base.

This is because how heavy attack works that it needs to change.

Make heavy just add damage not range. Have them how much stamin drain adds more damage or change specials

Im not sure I understand the premise. Why shouldnt you be able to snipe with bows? Perhaps rethink how thralls are positioned to be sniped

Why have ability snipe farther then objects render can’t see the thralls but gas arrows. Yes u can provide them gas mask but then player use + explosives arrows.

The only weapon be allowed shoot past defense is siege weapons. That’s why they need to fix the heavy attack

Archery in this game is kind off awkward, for one side, having special ammo is one of the things i hate most, i understand the need for different types of arrowheads but some of them are way out off place, as if they were a replacement for a magic system, i would love to get rid of all the special arrows and keep only blunt, bodkin and broadhead arrowheads. On the other hand i like to have two types of shots, light shots for low power and fast shot rate, and charged shot for long distances, maxium damage and Knockback, what i don’t like is the charged arrow effect, its too much and doesn’t fit in the game setting, take that away please.

Also the lack of Quivers bothers me a lot, having the ability to carry too many arrows is something i see as an error in the game design. In my opinion Archery should be more high risk, high reward fighting style, with more limited ammo and better damage at longer distances.

But the worst thing about archery is the 2nd perk, it shouldn’t exist.

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I agree with most but ability shoot farther then render or even were ai can’t respond.

Special arrows are more aiming at buildings should draw some rework.

Now disagree with ideal with quiver since it’s more based on encuberance and trying say it’s not realistic. On my archer build I have enough encuberance to carry 100 arrows of star, poison, explosive, 100 heal, 100 snake arrows that’s 500 arrows.

I just think heavy provides to much long range that can be extremely abused. None special needs any points in accuracy.

Light attack be like


Heavy attack be like


I could be wrong, but I doubt people are using the heavy attack to snipe archers thralls. I mean… someone way more patient than I might. But that would take way too long IMO.

Its much higher DPS to light attack over heavy attack. Even without the bug malfing things up.

i do

I love the heavy attack the way it is now. Once I was walking across the desert near the Summoning Place, there were soem hyenas on my path, so I decided to shoot them. I aimed carefully with a heavy attack, released the arrow - and my target hyena moved at just the precise moment. “Darn,” I thought, “wasted an arrow.”

I tried again, killed the hyena and its friends and family, then went on my way… until some time later I found yet another dead hyena. It had been exactly on the path of my first arrow, even though it had been too far away for me to even see. I was so happy because I hadn’t wasted an arrow after all.

Thralls need gas protection. Most players try to equip Godbreaker helmets onto their thralls. If you cannot do then next best would be the Yoggite chosen mask or the Setite cultist masks. Be sure to put the best reinforcement kits on them to add as much durability as possible. Or… if nothing else then put sandstorm masks in them, again, kitted for durability. The Commanders Helmet will also work. Also, you can summon a gods protection (god bubble) and this is actually the most effective way to stop arrow raids

Why are rewarding low risk high rewards.

Look gas mask wont work if I can use explosives to snipe them. Thrall defensive is pointless in this game god bubble also works against u point blank shots still work and archers can’t fight back. That’s the whole complaint. I can raid any base against infant thralls and win every time. Because how heavy works

That’s why it needs to change

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