Archer Tier III - Rotation Bug when Bow Equipped (Video included)

No Mods
Asus Rog - i7
Geforce GTX 960m


  • Get a Tier III archer
  • Dress them in the new arena outfit (could be part of the glitch?)
  • Give them a Bow
    *** place them… and they will always rotate to face West - regardless of how you try to position them.

When unequipping the Bow… you can place them where you want, and they wont rotate.

Video shows at the beginning and end - the Bow unequipped - and they stay where placed.

  • The rest of the video shows my thrall rotating West, when bow equipped.
  • Infact, you can see my thrall, in the background, rotating as she is equipped with the bow in the inventory menu.

video of thrall rotating to face West


Hey @Dhaylen

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll send note to archers to stay off the Celtic music scene.

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