Archers arrow pots

since we now need to feed archers with arrows, i think it will be great if we could have a pot that is designed for filling up multiple archers with arrows, they could take 10 arrows at a time, and then get refilled … ?


I agree with this, but the area needs to be smaller than the food. Last thing the game needs is another raid time turtle defense mechanism. Maybe 6 foudations radius (12 diamter) that can cover a normal archer tower.

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this is a good idea.
If Funcom decides to implement it, then I would like them to reconsider how to fit out archer thralls with arrows.
Such as:
I would like it that the archers refill with specific arrows and not just what is the first available…so you can customise what is used where…
Have a tick option on the archer that it does or does not refill from the archer pot. (I suggest that it’s on the individual archer not the pot as it’s not easy to figure out which thrall is which due to their names being exactly the same).
Another toggle option on the thrall interface that activates a “fill with next available arrow type or use the auto generated arrow if archer pot is empty” OR DEACTIVATES the auto-fill and instead fill specific order through the addition of several slots on the archer interface where we can scroll through all arrow options and set them as the preferred arrow pick order. Not inventory slots … and not a slot where we put actual arrows but a way of telling the game what to restock the thrall with from the pot and when that arrow type runs out it will refill from the next and the final slot has a the locked default auto-generated arrow they use if not equipped with specific arrows.

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