Archers do not gain expirience when not following player

Archers do they best deflecting the Purge and gain no experience.
Is it fair?

yes honestly. Otherwise, they will be pumped to the boss spawn

and this is why rumors about uselessness of archers as class persist

You think so in vain, the archer is a very strong base defense. pump it and that’s it.

They have to be following you to get experience if they are not on follow then they get no experience

Thrall leveling is only for followers. My tactic is to take a thrall out, level them to 20, then post them as a guard.

I must share the danger to level my thralls. Passive thrall leveling is not part of the game, for which, I am thankful.


It might help if funcom did archery lol.

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The base stats are faction specific not role specific. If you want accuracy on your thralls and good range multipliers, get relic hunter archers.

But it is still not intuitive that an archer starts with no accuracy at all :wink:

Archers should have accuracy, no matter what faction they are from.

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They have a base multiplier that is not displayed that makes them better than “0”. Think of those stats as increases on the hidden base numbers and it makes a bit more sense.

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