Archers on Castle Walls


Hello, I have a castle that five blocks high and ramparts 6 blocks high and archers on the walls but they don’t appear to shoot anything that comes close to the base. Is that too high for archers to recognise threats or am I doing something wrong?


Probably is to high they do get stupid at times . They will fire better over crenelations. I will build archer station on the wall 2 or 3 blocks high. So that they interact with mobs

Also make free standing towers 2 to 3 blocks high and use crenelations

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The sheer uselessness of archers is one of the sad points of the game, and the hoops one has to jump through to get them to use their weapons is quite a bummer for willing suspension of disbelief.

I mean the AI is decidedly lacklustre in general (that’s no secret), but it’s particularly bad for archers.


I have a base just north of Sepermeru where some (unaggressive) Relic Hunter fighters occasionally roam. Sometimes my archers decide to start shooting at one of these peaceful patrolmen, which naturally aggroes the fighter against me. Then, when I engage in melee with the fighter, the archers start hitting me.

Friendly fire doesn’t feel very friendly.

Archers are idiots.

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