Archery is very costly

Archery is a costly spec to follow compared to melee spec’s could we at least have a chance to retrieve a percentage of the arrows spent on a target as unbroken, it seems strange that all arrows are basically broken on hit, some would survive surely???

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In my opinion they should somehow rework the second accuracy perk to something like “10% chance to not consume ammo when shooting” because that trick shot thing is so damn useless, I think I never actually hit anything with that projectile if it deflects off the ground or so.
Though since archery is so damn strong in PvP (from what I read in some posts at least) I doubt that people would like such a buff to it.

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That’s actually really smart. The perk you reference is 100% useless. I would also like to see a static 20% chance to placing damaging arrows into the targets inventory when hit so you can retrieve them.

Bows are strong in general against human types but I don’t think it’s a viable PVP strategy to get shot until your enemy runs out of ammo.

While ricocheting arrows isn’t good, a lot of pvpers use this perk to great success with throwing axes, very useful in that sense.

First things first:
Yes, you should be able to retrieve arrows that you shot into a target, like you can javelins.

The second archery perk is redicilously worthless.

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Got me thinking on PVP. Arrows go into inventory then get shot back at you. I propose that you rip the arrows out of your body and fire it back.

Also while archery may be expensive, it is currently extremely strong in pvp. Potentially 1 shotting people to the head no matter what armor they wear and and only require 3-4 light attacks to body them down from without having to get close to anyone and if you do get close, you still have a better chance of destroying the person running melee.

Its costs are representative of that. We are playing in a game that is split in two. I’ve seen players get mulched by arrows in PVP. It’s also not as useful in PVE unless you are fighting humanoids.

My point was to have recoverable arrows which wouldn’t ruin PVP and make PVE a little more bearable. Plus you could throw back a throwing axe if it ended up in your inventory.

Like a badass! Conan-style… I’m all for it.

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