Architects of Argos - PC - Not showing in STEAM

Announcements shows this quote, but I do not see the DLC in the Steam Store.

“Available now on all platforms! Build stunning cities and gleaming temples of shining white marble with the Architects of Argos Pack. Adorn your base with elegant statues and refreshing fountains to make it look more impressive than ever!”

Won’t be out until 1600 Oslo time, pending any further delays.

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Ok. Patiently awaits the drop of the new update and DLC.

I know right, my hardened bricks are starting to grow mold waiting


LOL - Same here. I stockpiled T3 materials for an Argossean build.

Find more information here (and ignore the title):

According to Alexa, it’s 1616 in Oslo… :frowning:

Yes, they’re still working on it. Keep an eye on the forums to see when it drops, but for now they’ve only just identified the issue and still need to resolve it.

well, …

they are fixing a problem, that they found when the patch went into the masses, i rather wait a bit than just have to deal with the performance issue they found.

i honestly feel bad for the console players , they will have to deal with this issue that is already live , and wait for their validation process to approve the fix , (once fix is out)

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So this patch was on testlive for a month and 2 mins after it goes live you find it has a issue? How does that work? An issue big enough to break all kinds of stuff but you never saw it till it went live really?

Calm down there, Karen. They didn’t roll it directly from testlive into live, they pushed out another update which is where the issue would have stemmed from. And regardless, testlive and live are separate servers; issues on one may not always translate to another. Just be patient, they’re working on it right now.

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Do not call me Karen that is rude, its an insult and we both know and lol I am patient but they are buggy and its broken and its ok to ask why.

Ok, now I know why it isn’t on Steam yet.

According to the wiki page there:

" The Riders of Hyboria Pack is a mounts-themed DLC, which released December 5, 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One"

Where as:

" The Architects of Argos Pack is an Argossean-themed DLC, which released May 7, 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One"

I hope the wiki is in error and just forgot to mention that Argos will be on PC as well and than funom is not making this a console only DLC.

More likely an issue to get the new version rolled-out on Steam itself or by server host services rather than an issue about the game not running as intended. Other wise, we’d be on updated servers expriencing the game not running as intended right now.

they should know better (as developer) NEVER PUSH an untested update into a tested content, otherwise, the people that spent time testing it ,lost their valuable time. and disregard why testlive exist. anyone remember trello board?.. another casualty of funcom inconsistencies.

makes you wonder WHATS THE POINT OF TESTLIVE , if they keep releasing UN TESTED content ?

do they know this kind of stuff , is bad for them ? bad for sales? bad for the game?

Funcom , should now post the patch and DLC will be postponed till tomorrow or saturday or even early next week , once they find what they broke.

they aint going to fix it today. and its already late in oslo.

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No, they didn’t forget. And no, its not console only. The patch has to be pre-approved on consoles. So the patch was sent days ago for approval and release on May 7. And so, to make it that PC didn’t get the DLC “early” it was held until May 7, too. But today, right before releasing, someone noticed a server-side issue that would have messed up alot of players. So they’re working on the patch to the PC before hitting that giant, red “launch” button.

Unfortunately, the patch is already out for PS4 and XBox. Meaning, once the PC gets fixed, a hotfix will be needed for consoles (which have to go through the pre-approval phases again).

The Wiki only shows what is done so far.

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Ugh. I’ve been waiting so much for this DLC since it got announced! (The Aquilonian building materials aren’t very satisfying- but Argos provides!) It’s a pity it probably wont get rolled out for another day or two, I reckon. (But would love to be proved wrong by it releasing moments after I post this.)

Development environments and production environments are similar, but I dont think there is any way to make them identical. There is always a risk when people release stuff. They have done a fine job in the past, but seems like something unexpected went wrong this time.

no, they already hate me for always pointing out the evident. manager does not likes me anyway XD

btw do you like me? ha ha ha ha.

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