Are conan servers for ps4 the same as for ps5?

f i buy the ps5 can i play on the server q i already play on the ps4?

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Yes people with ps5 say the game generally play better with it although you may have to play with the settings not sure about that. I am interested in ps5 but will have to get 2 unless I buy one for my wife and wait awhile for purchasing a second :wink:


Yes. Exact same servers. Exact same game. The game hasn’t been upgraded to ps5 so you’re playing a ps4 game on your ps5. You’ll benefit from faster load times and better graphics rendering but you’ll still be limited to the same engine and bugs that exist in the ps4.

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@warnhiv here is a couple answers.

SSD is only real bonus. Till funcom upgrades it to run new hadrware)

Ps5 verus Ps4(with SSD WD black) I see same Base render issue.
They look the same otherwise.

I havnt really compared it to my Brothers base Ps4. (no SSD) to Ps5. My time with ps5 was limited.

I had choice of over paying for ps5, or paying for 1tb external SSD. (250$ was better buy) =3

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