Are dafari archers still the fastest archers as npc's/thralls?

Just checking wondering whether to level a couple of dafaris as fast bowmen. Or is there something faster than them now.

or have they been nerfed and I am being reminiscent of the old days?

This video should answer your

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Hope the video helped

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I don’t know about our friend but it helped me a lot. Thank you my friend :+1:

Exiles, Darfari, Black Hand, and Dogs of the Desert all share the same (Low Tier) experience requirements. You’d probably be better off grabbing BH or Dogs Archers, as both Factions spawn with 30 Accuracy (T4) and Darfari spawn with 0.

Yeah Darfari are still the fastest archers, probably your best value as well when fully levelled. Personally I’d say to just go get relic hunters or some other faction with a higher hidden damage modifier, but if you just want cheap low level thralls Darfari are your best investment.

Faster in what way? Do you mean their reaction time before they start attacking?

I think they mean leveling, the amount of experience to get to 20.

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I was looking for input on firing rate. Dafari used to put more arrows into the air than any other archer not sure if that carried over into what is the current iteration. They were weak in health but could fire fast as the trade off long time ago- back in the day.

Does not take me long to level a thrall/pet.

Really? I would be highly surprised to find out that there was any difference between Faction AIs, given that there is no difference between Archetypes.

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