Are Old Followers too weak now?

I am on PS4 and playing on an Official Server, NA.
After the update, my Greater Panther which never had a problem destroying shalebacks–(the normal and boss ones) got absolutely destroyed by a shaleback. I then watched my neighbor’s thralls and pets all get aggroed and killed by a random shaleback that spawned near his house. Is this by designed? I mean my formerly old followers—all dead now–never had trouble fighting and killing the same beasts that just handed me my lunch!

Thos was intentional, they told us the old “legacy” thralls would become weak and basically trash. From playing unless you have t4 volcano thralls or berzerkers or something in godbreaker with a high end wep., you should just break bond. At my base the greater animals now have like 1400 hp. the undead gaurds are at like 500. i managed to level a daicas to 20 on the private ser i played on and he had 8k+hp and i know he was actually stronger cause from 15 to 20 i leveled him in unamed city and he killed the bosses quicker.


Thanks xavier_pjg, I did hear the old followers would have lower base stats, but I was surprised to see just how pathetic they have become.

Well this would be
cause they nerfed them all so you have no choice but to use the new.

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