Are snakes going to be neutral to Set followers?

Just wandering since this was stated at the beggining (and making sense to Lore), also, I would like to know if that applies to the big snakes on the Arena and the Set place on the Unnamed City.

Well, technically, it’s the Set followers that need to be neutral with snakes. The snake can do as it pleases, if it decides it wants to bite or eat you… well, congratulations on being blessed by The Old Serpent.

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This. All set followers who agro’d snakes have been blessed and should accept their fates.

In all seriousness, probably not. Religions aren’t anything special except a feat you can select for free at the beginning. Its weird because you select Crom if you want nothing to do with the religions, but there is no downside for selecting one.

You can also get all of them and put all altars at tier 3 almost next to each other (there’s a slight restriction but not really), and all in the same base.

This isn’t like Everquest where selecting Agnostic is actually a benefit for some characters. I mean if Set granted neutral non-hostil status with snakes, why wouldn’t everyone go see the set trainer and get that perk for free?

I personally would like to see just a bit more tangible benefit from religion, restriction to having one at a time, and then some sort of downside to choosing one. Like If you choose Set, then Mitra followers are hostile, but snakes and Sepernu City are friendly. If you choose Mitra, then you’re not welcome in that city, but perhaps a Mitran City is friendly now.

I’d like to see it taken even further, so entire clans will want to have similar followers, allowing for powerful group based rituals. But that’s getting ahead of this thread.


They need to expand the religion system a good deal. Not only should their be benifits. But there should also be drawbacks.