Are the ps4 trophies bugged

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I’m only missing the tower of elephants trophy. I’m wife has got here girl to no weight an to 105% jumps on my head from two foundation pcs above me I’m dead it try an jump on her head an squish me I can’t not at 105% or even when she has no weight at all an I’m at 500^ encumbered any one know what I’m doing wrong lol
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Are you on PVP?

Chaos when I figure this out let you know both of us have done it by accident

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Make sure PVP is on, and your during time frame. You dont need fall from very high up ether. I help few other get it on another forum.

I’m on pve but my wife got the trophy just fine when she accident fell on me an got on a official pve server but I try to recreate it just never works let her try it exactly the way I tried to recreate it she kills me again

We did it in an offline game. Invite another player to your offline game, and get to around 400% over encumbered.

Step off on the other person’s head, and then repeat the process. I had to make myself an admin, and reduce my health to the minimum before my friend was able to crush me.

I stacked two full foundation pcs got 500% encumbered her with no armor walk off directly on her head lol an nothing I keep what I got she gets 105% an does the same I’m dead every time lmao still makes me laugh her tiny lil girl crushes my huge guy lmao

If you are on your own private non-public server game, you’ll need to adjust your health in the Admin screen. That’s what I had to do.

Thank u but I’m on official servers

If you’re on an official PVE server you have to do it to an NPC. If you’re wife got it there it was either during conflict or bugged and she shouldn’t have. It’s a very hard trophy to get without doing it on a private game PVP as mentioned above.

Thank u hadn’t thought of that although the I’m not on conflict servers just strict pve

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