Are the twitch drops and weekend challenge coming back again?

All three of my PC’s literally bricked from a windows failure when these were announced, will they be coming back in the future anytime? My hardware will be down for three weeks.

It’s always possible of course, but for right now it’s just this one time thing.

But if you’ve got any device that can access the internet, you should still be able to get the twitch drops. Doesn’t have to be a PC. Though I’d make sure if you use your phone that it’s going through your local network and not using up your data plan. You just need to be logged into Twitch and have your Twitch account linked for it to work.

EDIT: Oh, I just realized linking the account might be a problem if you have to do it from the link in game. Fortunately, it should still work, per the FAQ:

  • I haven’t bought Conan Exiles yet but I already claimed some drops on Twitch. Will I still be able to get the drops later in game?

You can earn drops even if you don’t own Conan Exiles. The drops stay with your Twitch account which you can later claim once you link it to your game account.


That is relieving, Thank you.

This is helpful information. Thank you.

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