Are there any auto inventory mods?

I tried to search but I failed to find anything.

What I am after is a kind of auto inventory, or butler system. Build a vault, add a thrall to it. Then you can ask for anything you have in your vault (should store literally hundreds of thousands items). Thrall grabs it for you. Imagine a search box, you type what you want to grab and it appears in the box below just like any other system in CE. Except this one holds literally hundreds of thousands of items. I mean different items, not stacked of the same.

I have this issue in almost every game, I end up with so much stuff I can’t keep track of it all. In an attempt to manage it, I use sections, or signs and try and organise chests. But its just ridiculous. I literally have an entire wall of chests.

Not sure if any1 has ever played modded minecraft, but there are many methods to automate inventory. Any of those would be awesome.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I am already using a 1k stacking mod.

I generally save all my resources, then I have 1 big building or crafting day and I go through all of it. So I am not just collecting crap (but I am doing a bit of that as well).

I just reached level 60 a few days ago, so I am still learning what is useful. As an example I have been hoarding demon blood for zero reason since I started the game. I was convinced it must be used for something.

I was able to make 4 map rooms as soon as I hit level 60. If I didn’t hoard that stuff I would hate to imagine how long it would take to get a few thousand demon blood. Did a quick round of those bat things and got 178 demon blood in 30mins.

So yea I really want to save everything. Some things I don’t collect a lot of, like rocks and wood. But I will do a massive gathering round when I intent to build a new base. I always go through my entire stock. At any rate, back to using chests for a bazzilion items…bleh.

I am sure once I have been playing for a while I will learn what is not worth collecting. Still would be cool to have a massive store room with a thrall.

I had no idea what map rooms were till I came across it somewhere in forums. Someone mentioned it in passing. I was lv 59 at the time…lol. I did hear it in the game but it was very vague. I didn’t get what they would be used for.

Wish I knew about these at lv40 I would have farmed the hell out of those bat things for the demon blood and been teleporting everywhere instead of running like a goose. I am sure I am missing a ton of other things in the game.

Just got to stumble across them, or see someone leak the info in the forums…haha.

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