Are there any T4 Bearers on Siptah?

Quick question - Are there any T4 Bearer spawns on Isle of Siptah? I’ve only ever found up to T3 so far and I’ve been all over the map. Is there a special way to obtain them?

We got our T4 bearer from the Treasure Hunter surge.

Do you mean from a Leyshrine? I don’t know how surges work…

I’ve got several of them from cages. Notably at the camp on the abandonned leyshrine in the north of the island.

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On our Server nobody found an T4-Bearer so far. I testet it yesterday on Testlive for about 5 Hours in several Camps and Cages. Not one single T4-Bearer. If they are there, the chance to get an t4-Bearer seems to be ridiculous rare

Damn. I have so many that I don’t take them anymore. You guys play on official?

I’ve got a T4 from the cage at the Grave of the Leviathan (C/D8). I played SP without Multigun’s mod for T4’s. This cage was a guaranteed Bearer spawn some time ago (now I don’t know as I play SW map).

Yes, on official Server. Testest it today again, also on Grave of the Leviathan and other places. Figthers, Crafters, found everything except for T4-Bearers

honestly I get my T4 bearer from surges… Aesir has Henrik

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