Are there any Xbox players left?

It has been a frustrating few months for console players with all the issues coming from the last few patches. A fix for one problem causes five more to pop up. I have myself been frustrated to the point of insanity, i left pve-c because of constant crashes and went to single player offline only to have it wiped during a purge where the castle i spent months on wiped completely when it crashed. All my archers (100+)were still exactly where they were placed and squadron of fighters still in formation inside where the walls should have been.
I see a lot of PC players and a handful of Playstation are very active on the forums. A lot of uproar coming as a result of the latest news regarding the thralls, and i am not seeing any from Xbox players.
As a xbox player i have been driven away from playing the game despite having spent over 1400 hours, i just dont have the patience for it anymore. When mounts were announced i couldnt get excited about it as it was impossible to run around big bases nevermind galloping on horseback. I think that the thrall limit is to allow for the mounts and to help with the game crashing when near some of the massive bases that populate the servers. I myself welcome the new system and will pray to Crom that it will solve the issues that have been here since September.

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I play on Xbox on single player. Have been for like a year now. Been off and on but I’ve been a dedicated player. I remember when I had to wait two weeks for an update because I couldn’t enter the game. It was rough. lol. But around Christmas I spent a couple months away when I got my PS4 to play some other games I’ve been wanting for a long time. Took a little break here and there and still playing.
It can be difficult sometimes but I still play.

I’m on Xbox PvE Official server been playing since day 1 on EA

Me too, playing on pve, pvp and single player.

The main reason i ask is im wondering is everyone having the same issues, constant crashing, massive lag, invisible npc,s, disappearing buildings. They dont seem to have as many issues on pc and playstation and some dont have any. I have a one year old 500gb Xbox with the resolution set to 720p and have a wired connection.

I don’t have the same issues, but I do have invisible NPCs and I try not to let it bother me.

I have the Xbox One X plus I have the game on a seagate external drive so I have no problems at all just lag spikes from time to time but nothing major

Due to all the game’s problems along with almost every update, patch, and hot fix creating new ones or rehashing old ones since day one of the official release, I’ve removed the game from my high end PC and am patiently waiting for Funcom to straighten the game out once and for all…for now. My patience isn’t infinite. Yes, there are plenty of PC gamers who have a lot of issues too.

I’ve tried here and there. I had joined beta for the game on xbox way back when. Honestly though, it is not optimized to an acceptable level at all so I always ended up abandoning it. I play on PC constantly though

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