Are they allowed to do this?

I ran across a private pvp server where the admin offers “raid insurance” Its basically a fee a month and if u get raided he will respawn certsin tier items (t4 thralls, rare/hard to get items) as long as u can provide proof u had them. He said it helped him pay for the server. I aint been back to that server but was just wondering if that was something allowed or if it went against terms of service somehow

That sounds pretty shady, and I would say that is more than likely against ToS, it’s particularly extortionate considering it’s a PS4 server, since you already pay a monthly subscription to play online in the form of PlayStation Plus.

If it isn’t against Funcom’s or G-Portal’s ToS, I can say with fairly good certainty that it’s against Sony’s, so if possible, get proof of it and report it to Sony, see what they do about it.

From my experience it is fairly common for private servers to ask for some sort of donations to pay for the servers but the server you describe doesnt sound like something i would play (i dislike p2w).

Here are the ToS for Conan Exiles:

With Pippi mod you get currency ingame and admins can set up markets where you can buy everything you can spawn via admin panel (they can configure it too).

I see a lot servers that give you more of said currency if you donate to the server.

Hey y’all,

Private servers can run whatever rules they think are appropriate. If they’re considered abusive, players can always migrate to another, fairer server.


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