Are video games art?

Art or not art?

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Do we censor art?

Would it be possible to sell two versions of the game? One with the M rating for people who don’t believe humans are ever nude. Then one with AO for people who are adults. . . at least age wise?

To answer your question: Yes, they’re art. Or can be, at least.

But to solve this, you need to put pressure on whatever organization enforces their puritan world view in your region to allow this (good luck if you’re in one of the more backwards ones).

The developer can’t really be criticized for this, as they’re not the ones deciding what can and cannot be sold in a given region/market, or (to be specific) which products get which parental advisory label.

If you want confirmation that it’s insane that slavery, dismemberment and genocidal slaughter is fine, whereas a natural penis isn’t, then yeah it IS insane.

edit: Just saw this is four months old. Not sure why it popped up on my list. Oh well. Practicing my necromancy for the eventual Sorcery patch I guess.