Are you ever going to actually fix thralls?

They just stare at people while they raid our base and do nothing.

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Per the last stream on Friday, and posts on this forum by the community team, AI improvements are going to be on the main core features they plan on updating and improving in the next patch phase after pets.

Yeah, we’ve heard that before and it hasn’t gotten any better. I think I just need to step away from this game for a few months and or so and give it time to be fixed. I feel like the game was more enjoyable/playable in Early Release. Ever since the jungle patch I’ve had more bugs and problems then I’ve had good times. :frowning:

Sounds good. See ya in a few months!

As stated, by @Multigun, going forward we have our core mechanics slotted in to be looked at as focus in between other updates and content. The AI and improvements linked to their behavior is at the top of our list.


But the game released back in May! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


xbox thralls are fine. they attack on sight during raid time on official servers. all is good.

You must be happy and proud. We are seeing the dawn of a new concept on gaming, the “post release Beta”. Next may we will have a celebration with a full re-release with only few hundreds of minor bugs and some irelevant features pending.


Yep. I’ve seen games go from shipping in as-close-to-perfect-as-possible state (because there was no damn way to patch them!), the “day one patch” horror and the travesty that is Early Access into “eh just release it, we’ll fix it eventually… probably… if we sell enough loot boxes to justify it”.

For the record: I’m not talking specifically about CE here, it’s unfortunately a more and more common way to do things.

And yes, games are WAY more complex now than they used to be, I know, so it’s probably an unfair comparison.

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