Are you one day going to clean officials servers? Pics inside

That’s why I feel pvp (raid) is dead to Funcom. No real raid mechanics, no care of how dead those servers are. More and more new stuff, but actually not integrated to make any real new game loops for pvp.

Haha.there is no raiding with current mechanics. Offline blow up naked is more the game.

the day they start wiping servers is the day i quit…i dont dupe cheat or apam but that sort of thing does not interest me…it is a pvp server…dont like it…blow it up

I have to agree with Idjiit, that looks small and pointless. Above that, i do not Think that a report will help in this case. Apart a poi that finds itself at the Spot, there is no resource Blocked, it seems Selene can easily move around the area.

I wait myself on someone that has a huge Land claim in official Server, the day when he will not refresh it is nearing, ill be there when it does,it has decayed once but it had bugged at 0:00 :)) and After server restart the timer was reseted… GG Funcom…

I Had to do it myself aswell only because of offline raiding and to make the raiders use more Bombs then they would Think of.

It is the new way of playing, spamming a map square with foundations and vaulths.

Another server.

And the other side of the montain :

I get the frustration.

But a wipe will only temporarily solve your current issue. They same people will build back up in a matter of a week and the same people asking for a wipe will be back on the forums asking for a new wipe.

Its the circle of life in the conan world.

Hate to sound cliche… Solution to this and other major problems is play on a private server

land claim to protect from gods.

there is nothing wrong with this.


That kind of spam is called “sprawl”.

Just kill them until they don’t log on then demolish it when it decays. Pretty simple stuff.

My brother or I suggested an thrall army. Most said it was pointless. Looks like it would help pvp servers alot.

You’re wrong, vaults don’t count for landclaim, only building pieces count! If I placed a vault on the ground without foundations or fence foundations nearby someone can build right next to it