Area chat does not work XBOX

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: Misc]
Region: [Everywhere

Area chat doesnt work anywhere and if it does work and were just unable to access the ability why is the keybinding not mentioned anywhere in controls for “push to talk”? Handsfree also doesnt work.

This needs to be fixed, for rp servers especially but also for any player looking to make their intent known when they come across anybody on the map. AMAZING game, head and shoulders above ARK but your chat needs to work…its fundamental for online games

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.go on an xbox
2.turn on conan exiles on a server
4.try to talk to ANYBODY or even try to get the mic indicator to come up. It wont

Hello @HarshEndGamer, thank you for getting in touch!

Do you have this issue on both Official and Private servers?

What microphone or headset are you using?
Have you tested it with other games or through your system’s settings?

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