Area of Effect Indicators

Do you know what would be nice? How about an area of effect indicator when placing thralls and pets. A simple ring or even better, a bubble that will show us where something has to happen for the thrall or animal to spring into action.


On a side note this will help us know whether or not our thrall placement is a waste of time or not.

For example, I placed a Thrall on a wall the other day and had a non-clan member run through to test agro and the archers did NOTHING! Thank goodness for our animals as they DID agro and kill the enemy in our area.

it would be nice to know at least in foundation squares, i think its 4 or thereabouts. also if the aggro range differs among ranks.

I wouldn’t say that. I’ve had thralls shoot at me when I was at least 20 foundations away and I’ve had them completely ignore me one square away. Thralls are something they definitely need to fix but it would really be helpful to know WHERE something will agro them.

I’m actually quite surprised that this topic hasn’t exploded. I can’t be the only one that wonders why thralls we’ve worked so hard to place just stand there one moment and then go crazy the next.

Yeah Im having issues with archer thralls, one would thing if you place them higher the would have increased range (which I dont know if), but just this morning placed several before a purge, i was killing with bow but thralls didnt knock even 1 arrow.

So, it would be nice to see a radious in which fighters can go and archer can shoot.

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