Areas of the volcano that are no longer buildable

I play single player in Xbox and I noticed that i cant build in areas of the volcano that has the crumbled stone monument that no longer has the green ghost fence and has very Hight two mountain peaks around 12h,12f I remember placing things there months ago but i removed them, now they are not buildable areas. there are other unbuildable areas in the volcano behind the areas that has the structures with the devotees, 13h and 14h very big areas very up that are not buildable. Do the developers decided that these areas are not buildable anymore? I remember in patch notes of one of the last patches that certain areas in the volcano are no longer buildable.

After testing i noticed in the volcano that i cannot place founations pass certain height while trying to but them on the volcano Hight places. like there’s a height limit now. is it a bug?

I would assume that it is not a bug because volcano had a lot of points used for undermeshing.

Xbox doesn’t have the ‘dev console’ does it?

It has the admin panel.

Right but I don’t think you can activate ‘build anywhere’ from there?

According to the wiki i may need a keyboard connected to the console for the developer console. The thing is i make pvp bases in single player for when I’ll be able to play multiplayer again when I buy another pc as my pc broke. Then I brought an x box and the game, but i don’t want to pay to play online on xbox. The unbuildable area is not just one spot here and there, it’s continuous . They should have checked each area for possible undermed and fix them instead of a blunt measure like this one.

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