Arena and resource harvesting Tweaks

I would like to see the PVE area be made a solo instance. The fact that you have to wait in a cue to play a PVE event is neither fun or engaging. It is still a heck of a grind to get to renown level 4 but removing silly things like a cue would go a long way towards making it more fun for your players to enjoy. When it comes to resource harvesting I would like to limit the number of times you can be interrupted when harvesting a resource node. I have been interrupted 8 times in a single node. Again it is net fun or engaging. It is so annoying that I ignore crafting all together because why should I bother with an activity that is just plain annoying.

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Oh yes, those interruptions are too annoying, i know the crafting revamp will never come but there are slight changes that can be done to improve the experience:

  • Remove, reduce or improve the interruptions. They don’t add nothing significant to the gameplay.
  • Reduce the gathering time in half, it take to long to mine a node, and again, it’s no fun
  • Add a better chance to drop leather from animals in the gathering areas (lacheish, poitain, purple lotus swamp)
  • Let materials sttack up to 1000

If there is ever a change in the crafting system, i hope it include this points.

Even if we didnt get a crafting revamp, how hard could it be to just add new recipes?

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Or make those guys who interrupt you drop resource that you mine/harvest.
They are supposed to be fellow harvesters, so they should have something in their pockets.
This way you could even get happy that those lads are attacking you as it means more resources from single node.

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That would be nice, because right nnow they give leather and gems… a rarely a rare resouce