Arena Gate not rotating


Was trying to place the arena gate (Steam Controller), and the gate did not want to rotate.
(Havent had issues with rotation since it was fixed sometime ago.)

The work around was to walk my character around until it ‘snapped’ in place.
Was a bit awkward… (Looks nice, though!) :slight_smile:

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Hy Dhaylen,

Could you confirm that the other gates are working like normal with the same method? (As in rotate).

Sorry, last thing I did before quitting for the night (past midnight here) was to make an arena gate and door.

I should have tried to move to a different location altogether to see if it was a location based issue.
i.e., I have my house in the water close to the edge of the shore.
On the shore I have a pathway, and so there isn’t much room between the two.

The position of the gate face was facing east/west not toward me - and when I tried to rotate it… nothing happened, until I walked with my character and it snapped that way.

The door was fine, how I remember.
Again, have not tried anything else (not in creative mode)

Sorry, should have taken a screenshot… thanks!

Hey @Dhaylen

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll inform QA about this to see if they can reproduce it on their end.

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Thanks - sorry was no screenshot.
It could be a fluke - honestly, it was late and I did not troubleshoot - as mentioned.

If this is an issue in the future, I will definitely post screen-shots.
Thanks for taking a look.

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