Argh! This is frustrating - disconnects and ping

It happens when I least need it to happen especially when you have a named thrall you are about to put on the wheel

Suddenly for about 10 seconds I can’t interact with anything (like a wheel) and then I get disconnected. When I try to rejoin only the server I was playing on 1524 has a ping of 9999 so I can’t log in for about an hour. Every other server I can log into except that one!

Why does that happen and how can I make it not happen? Thanks for any condolences and advice

Happened to me last night…at least you got disconnected…I was frozen mid gallop. When I restarted a was a full square away from my original location and the thrall body was no where to be found.

No builds out side of my lesser wheel thrall shack with one wheel going and 3 players total online.

That stinks! I’m hoping there is some way to fix it or not have it last so long. Good luck!

Hi @gamedan

Please make sure you report this issue over on Zendesk so that the team can look into it further.
You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

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