Arid Rift Sheri Tater BUG

So my Inferno spirit quest is still bugged, Victor Nonya won’t talk to me and I cant attack him and I decided to do Arid Rift quest. I came almost to the end and got another bug. I was told to talk to Sheri Tater, she gave me the parts to make jammers and i got the mission to talk back to her once i made them.
I made the jammers but now she wont talk to me :confused:
All i get is:
Sheri Tater: I’m waiting for a very important transmission from the Rome Facility. Excuse me…
I tried deleting the mission, talked again to Dr. Hugo Hernandez who sends me to Sheri again but she still wont talk to me.
I cant petition since my last petition with Victor Nonya is still open…help plx

Farmed the parts again and deleted the jammers - nothing.