Ark type structure timer?


I have lost interest in this game since I lost my progress due to lack of time

Play single-player. You can also rent a server and turn off the decay if you prefer multi-player.


You made me lose interest more. I am not going to pay for something that I have already paid 60 euros for. (not everyone can afford to pay for a server)

We can’t have your 20k building pieces castle stay forever on a server and take space while you decide to take a year break. If you have an actual suggestion how to improve the game, please feel free to elaborate but your I quit post is not really helpful hence my answer.


ark is the solution! there are many people who still invest time in this surval. It would not be very unreasonable to think of an 18 day timer. (as said game does), the solution is also that for each block of sandstone, stone, metal increases its duration. (depending on the material its durability will increase)

For those who have not played ark, how exactly is the decay on official servers handled there? You have to grind materials and keep them in a building which get consumed over time and when they run out, your base goes poof?


I think my messages were clear enough. You can pray this article if you wish :point_right: here is the link

I don’t think your messages were clear explaining what ark does better, no. If I understand correctly you want to have 18 days long decay timer which is far too long if the system remains as log in for 2 min, refresh for 18 days.

If this long timer is introduced, it has to be tied up to something else. For example, grind resources to last you 18 days, the bigger your base is the more resources you need to grind. So if someone wants to have a 1 grid castle, they will have to grind to maintain it daily or play on a private server / single-player.

This reminds me of a quote from an old poll: I voted 10 days as well in the poll.
From 6 to 7 makes very little difference in my opinion, whoever will take a 7 days vacation will find his base demolished, unless he will not clock to the second his return.

At the airport arrivals:

  • “Darling you take the kids and I go retrieve the luggage ok ? …darling ? …darling ?”
  • frantically running away “the base is decayiiing…”

Arks supposed superior method of using decay.

Thatch - 4 days
Wood - 8 days
Adobe - 8 days
Stone - 12 days
Metal - 16 days
Greenhouse - 16 days
Tek - 20 days

Dinos - 8 days

Utilities - 4 days
Vault - 16 days
Oil Wells - 2 days

How exactly is that different from Conan and, “the solution?” Conan used a similar method, just slightly different length of days. I fail to see that as viable feedback when Conan already uses pretty much an identical system.

If it were me, Conan would use Rusts system for decay. People should pay in resources to keep their buildings from decaying on official servers.

For people unwilling or unable to do that, they can play single player, join a non decay private server, or host their own server and set their desired settings.


I personally find 1 week too short, one of the reasons why I don’t play on officials. The second reason is the excessive building (pretty or not) from players who take a massive amount of land space but only log to refresh. You should not be able to simply refresh by logging for a minute on a public server with non-instanced housing. There must be some sort of upkeep which is reasonable but also scales with the amount of structures owned in order to set some limits.


I would prefer a Rust decay system like Multigun suggested, where you farm to keep your base from collapsing. It would also solve the foundation spam.
Loging in once a week for 1 min is just terrible and almost equivalent to having no decay timer at all.
I know players on some of the servers I play that haven’t played actively for more than a year, and still log in once a week just to refresh.

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Totally agree.

someone responsible here? could you give us some solution.

Exactly what I think

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I guess you can’t read? Off to the side at server selection look for one that says structures are indestructable. Can’t blame anyone but yourself if you don’t read the server rules.

one of the best answers ever!
nice one @drachenfeles

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