Arkiridas Server/ArkeIris Clan

So…we’re looking for recruits, both for the Arkiridas server as well as for clan ARKEIRIS. We’re a diversity friendly but abuse intolerant PvE server. We have some aesthetic/rp mods to make it a little more adult orientated than the base game, although it is purely rp optional only rather than compulsory. Currently it’s only 20 slots, although I may be persuaded to upgrade if I have the means to do it. There are few settings/mods you cannot ask me to change, although depending on what and when, I may take more or less convincing. In game voice chat is disabled in order to make way for Discord. For more information, join us on Discord with join code r8PqKTv

P.S. Discord server is still under construction but it’s workable as it is.

What mods are in use?
What are the server settings?

Okay. Mods are:
Exiled_Lands_Improved(Character Features Only)
WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain
LitMan Lvl 156
Conan S*xiles
Lvl 60 Legendary Chest Requirement
Altered Animations
Niflheimer - Minimap

As for settings. It’s PvE. Indestructible Structures, Character’s Don’t Drop Loot. Sandstorms Enabled But Purge Not. Can’t remember all the others. I’ve mostly got it set like that while I’m still familiarising with the game but may consider changing settings according to how others like it. Oh, I can consider taking new mods as long as the page for them doesn’t indicate too strong a risk of bugs. I’d rather not take on too many mods though.

Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately Level 156 and Altered Animations are a no go for us.

Good Luck.

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