Armor Differences?


What is the Differences between armors? Im trying to find some good sets for an archer. So i tried out the Medium Stygian Raider armor and the Light Shemite armor…

The only difference i found was the weight and Armor.?
It used the same amount of stamina on run and dodge rolls.

Medium armor just get me a lot more damage reduction the light.
So way ever use the Shemite armor?


Light Armor has more iFrames when dodging and dodges a step further than medium.


iFrames? what is that…
Ok i need to test the dodge then. did not seem like it at first glimp.


Invulnerability frames. When you roll dodge, for a few of the animation frames you are immune to being hit.

It works with all Armor types, with Heavy having the least. Light having the most. While medium being inbetween.


Ohh i did not know :slight_smile:

Thx alot for the answer.