Armor Differences?

What is the Differences between armors? Im trying to find some good sets for an archer. So i tried out the Medium Stygian Raider armor and the Light Shemite armor…

The only difference i found was the weight and Armor.?
It used the same amount of stamina on run and dodge rolls.

Medium armor just get me a lot more damage reduction the light.
So way ever use the Shemite armor?

Light Armor has more iFrames when dodging and dodges a step further than medium.

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iFrames? what is that…
Ok i need to test the dodge then. did not seem like it at first glimp.

Invulnerability frames. When you roll dodge, for a few of the animation frames you are immune to being hit.

It works with all Armor types, with Heavy having the least. Light having the most. While medium being inbetween.

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Ohh i did not know :slight_smile:

Thx alot for the answer.