Armor Display - Revival

I’ve seen this suggestion so many times.
I’d love to see it come to life in game.
I want so badly to display armor like this.
Also imagine, no more digging through crates/vaults/chest. Decorative meets utility.


Im glad this isnt going away


me too, we need Armor display and scroll box !


This would indeed be a nice addition.


I was going to do it with thralls, but then they implemented the follower cap. So yes, armor stands, pleeeeease :slight_smile:

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CodeMage welcomes another thrall to the team (with apologies to Charles Addams)


yea butt ur missin the best part…

It seems silly that this wasn’t added from the beginning. A full armor rack and maybe a helmet stand would be awesome. While not exactly part of this thread, a new variant of weapon displays would be great as well.


Dont forget this one too Zeb. :wink:

Yes please. This has to be one of my single most wanted features for Conan Exiles, and this sugestion has come up more times than I can recall. Not only would it be great for roleplaying and raid defence preparation, as you said Zeb; no more digging through chests and vaults. Just take that standby set off the Rack and place your current set on. Quick, simple and saves time. Before anyone says so, yes there are already some great mods for this (pictured below), but I would remind people that 2 out of the 3 platforms this game is available on dont have mod support, neither do official servers. Our only hope is to persuade Funcom to add them in. At this point I would even be willing to pay for them in a DLC pack.



I agree completely with adding Armor stands

The bottom set is from fashionist by Testerle
But If you look at anything by Testerle all his mods should be in the game.


YES, a thousand times yes ! As a fashion victim, i have a full chest of armors that i use, but god i’d want to be able to look at them !


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