Armor for the right enviroment

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Just a general hint really, to the item modellers/creators

Why do all armor have to be sexy or show stomach and/or chest/muscles?

As i live more and more in to the story of the exiles land i feel that items should look like they work in-game, so it feels natural to wear in that given zone.

Bikini is great in the oasis/jungle, but in the desert you will get burned daytime and frreze at night if you wear that.

Same with the cold area where i reside at the moment.

It`s not cool to see a woman on a snow filled mountaintop with bare arms and naked stomach, its just wrong.

Why not a full bear fur armor, with a bear head on top?
Would look wery good in that given enviroment, and also be a fast pick in my box when i choose armor for what im supposed to do.

Now i have to look at specs of the armor, and as i see the values go up to +3 frost resist to +4 heat resist on the same armor piece i have no idea if it really works.

I can stay inside and my armor show heat resist, but when i go out it can show cold resist, i mean, what to do?
Shall one pick armor outside or inside your building?

Now if the armor pieces looked natural for that given enviroment, it would have been really easy to pick a light or heavy armor that looked like a summer outfit if the properties followed the same synergi in specs as the looks.

Just my 2 cents, ohh and bdw, did i mention that i`d like a big bear full furry armor with big boots of fur to make my tracks up north?
It may wery well be a full polar bear armor, and/or black bear for the woods below, great for ambushes or hiding, and real easy to spot whats what in your armor boxes.
Not a bikini with cold res on it please:(

I think the reason i feel this is that the game have a tendency to pull you in and make it real, it may be the enviroment/weather system that does this.
One thing is certain, if i hunt for clothes id wear anything with cold resistence up north, and heat resistence down south, why not make the icons easy to spot and follow up these items with properties that suit them?
E.G Heat icons when hovering the mouse over heat protection gear and vice versa for cold.

All i can see now is the fur armor, wich looks like a stylish fur clothes, i agree, but its not thick enough to give the protection you need.

Thanks for a great game that is getting better by the day.

As far as I know, ‘sexy’ is part of Conan lore.