Armor Kit and Armor Stats bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
Region: [NA]

Ok, when crafting then applying an armorkit to armor, a bug cropped up where the armor’s stat bonus wouldn’t apply. I crafted Buccaneer Boots, the Eye Patch, Shemite Tunic, Shemite Leggings, and Stygian Raider Raider bracers and applied Armor Kits to each. When I put the clothes on, sometimes only one piece would apply a stat bonus(usually the chest) while other times none at all would. Also when unequiping the items with the armor kits applied to them, would cause the armor kit purple background and icon to stay in the inventory slot on the character window. After this I tried to quit to main screen and relog into the server, but this caused the game to freeze entirely and wouldn’t allow me to bring even my task manager up over it.

EDIT: It seems the buccaneer pieces are specifically the cause of overwriting the stat bonuses the other armor pieces provide

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft Armor
  2. Craft Armor kits
  3. Apply Armor kits to Armor
  4. Equip Armor then Unequip