Armor mods an thrall blue bar

I think they need to add armor attribute bonus to a module that u can attach to your armor not fixed like it is now. Also change the fact u can just KO a 6150 hp thrall with club in like 4 hits so ya dont have to fight them which is just another joke at funcoms balancing.

Do you even get xp for knocking one out?

Frankly I usually find killing them outright is easier anyway.

From a balance perspective you’d need to have separate Feats for each stat boost, or you’d make the different armor types obsolete. Why would you ever learn to make different armors if you could just learn to make one set and slap whichever stat you need on it whenever you need?

War paint already acts as a “stat boost module”.

And I’m not sure if it’s just your server settings or something, but I find that most thralls die to fewer hits from a real weapon than it takes to KO them with a steel truncheon with the advanced blunt mod. Heck, I’ve accidentally poked an Exile T4 thrall to death before I saw who it was, yet it still takes several moments of dancing and whacking with a baseball bat to pacify them without ex tempore amputation of appendages.

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