Armor penetration showing on "Stats"?

I love most of the changes we have seen in the last days. Really.


(Well… as for bows… Dont wanna go again about those… x_x)

How purge works on testlive. (Which just had to be mentioned. Before they would spawn inside yog, getting barbecued instantly… :joy:)

But there is at least one thing missing… Maybe two?

Please add armor penetration to the stats page!

As there is the 40th accuracy perk and some people claim it wouldnt work and the question if it would be 10+50=60% ap or rather (10)*1,5=15% ap which is a little confusing to me… (Going for german description it could be both. I would rather bet on those 15% ap though.

Also it would be neat if all the active perks could be listed in current buffs as well.
The damage part being more detailed, showing light and heavy damage instead of one number.

Yog barbecue…sounds good!

Wait a sec… I though I created that one for suggestions!
Woops. Changed that… Sorry!