Armor sets cannot be repaired

Game mode: Online Pvp
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

Atleast darfari skin set, when you try to repair it, the wheels keep spinning and nothing happens, id rather not make epic set over and over again when broken…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Repair armor
2.Watch nothing happen

I had the same with the Ymir armor set: Ymir's armor set not repairing

Clanmate had the same with kambujan shaman set.

You can try putting it in a chest for a day. Mine was somehow repaired the next day

Tried, not working. 2 epic darfari sets waiting for a fix now… :confused: Fix this funcom, please, among other stuff…

Yes i tried it for the second time, it didnt repair now. However the gear stopped spinning.

Hi, you need to make Master Armor repair kits, first, un-equip your armor you want to repair, click on repair kit then click on the Armor. This won’t repair it completely , but its a good workaround until they fix the bugs :slight_smile: