Armor Sets (more diversity for professions.)

Hey its me, Since the path of Beast armor we have dabbled into the armor set bonus realm. This post will go a bit into what future armor set bonuses or buffs/nanos could be introduced into the game by profession. I am making this post with the full intention of wanting these armor sets to be LOCKED IN PLACE ON USE OF THE BUFF FOR THE DURATION OF THE COOLDOWN SO NO ONE CAN ABUSE. This ofc would mean that you can not Swap Beast armor, Cast CH, then swap other armor… too Op. Ok so heres the idea starting with a few of my favorite professions.

  1. Martial artist Armor sets ::
    SL Chosen /// Faithful armor . The shadowland armors have been long forgotten about for ages now. its time to bring that back. This armor set would Enhance the SL Winter flame buff adding a crit increase of 50% and enhanced damaged for the duration.

Penultimate Martial artist Armor // LE armor . The LE armor set is a force itself providing great balance for the tool kit. This armor set would allow the Martial artist the use of Asuran Stance. This Stance would increase the Martial artist sense of self and balance, Increasing his Major evasion buffs and % SL buffs by a set percentage (later to be discussed). This set also works by enhancing the LE PROCS by a set % aswell !

  1. Engineer Armor sets. ::

Chosen//Faithful Engineer armor would unlock the Kamikaze robots for the Engineer to use! these robots have long since been in the DB and its about time we reveal it to the world. This set would be used for enhancing the engineers pets by unlocking special pet actions and Increasing the effect of Trimmers used on the Pets by Double.

LE Armor Engineer. This armor set would again enhance LE Procs, but also Give the engineer a new Perk Which allows him to use his Mechs in indoor instances by lowering the scale size and increasing the mechs damage. The mechs would be scaled appropriately for PVM and PVP .

Augmented Saboteur’s Body Armor (SL) Another SL armor that used to be pretty unique … This armor set bonus would provide the engineer profession ONLY access to Special Mines that can be placed in PVP zones. Damage mines… Snare mines… Nano drain mines… etc etc. Concept and items are already on DB , just requires a bit of tweaking!!!

Special armor sets to note:::

Non Partisan armor ::: To be discussed by everyones favorite green machine (Vogue member joke )

Mystical Force Armor ::: This 4 piece armor set when all pieces are worn would Double each pieces Major Evasion bonuses. So for example the 300 Mystic force shirt, when worn with all pieces would give u +100 to ur defenses vs the normal 50.

While I like the idea of more “use” effects and bonuses, id prefer them to get rid of awakened and have people make more use of mixed sets. However I guess as FC is reluctant to remove awakened CH, this could be an alternative. There are some issues though: (Long story short; issues with mechanics and balancing)

  1. Assuming even if they were to just add a set bonus to chosen/faithful, that’s still 12 different sets you would have to make bonuses for in a fair way, that doesn’t boost already powerful professions, but is good enough to compete with awakened/other armor.

  2. Even once you found out these “balanced” bonuses, chosen/faithful would need a level lock, or the bonus would have to be weak enough that it isn’t overpowered on lower TLs. Ofab can bypass this by having it require the 300 ring equipped, but this may have issues with lower ql rings. Some profession sets are much preferable to others, so even without bonuses, some professions are stronger in ofab/chosen/faithful already, which means their “cost” of using the full set is far less than others.

  3. If people are just going to give their own preferred professions big bonuses, it will never get balanced. And FC were to do it, we may end up with what FC “think” a profession should have. The alba Wen-wens are an example of this as some are quite good, but pet professions are stuck with another pet cleanse.

  4. I like your ideas, and am happy to see people trying to give FC ideas, however what you suggesting is a fantasy. Suicide bots were left out for a reason, you could allow people to stack them, or even stack the mines. “Improving” procs would either require a mechanics overhaul to have each and every proc have 2 bonuses, regular and upgraded, or the set would need to add 2 more in, which means at least 24 more in total.

5.The new raids re-use mechanics, and FC doesn’t seem to want to redo old ones, or make new ones, they just use combinations or modified mechanics. You’d have to settle with simple short term buffs like reanimator or wen-wens have, or health/nano heals. I don’t know of any current armor that requires having or not having a specific buff in NCU to equip, So I doubt you can lock out specific armor changes using a nano like you’ve suggested, other than locking out all gear changes, or just having long equip times(which can still be abused).

6.A personal reason I’d dislike profession sets over something like Dustbrigade operative set bonus or AI set bonuses, are that you may just push professions to follow a certain play-style. The variations in what people can use, and how they play their profession, is what makes this game different (or atleast used to).

  1. You’d be adding bonuses to gear that’s already in the game, and with how much work this would require, this wont benefit FC like a new raid would. Many would already have Ofab, or even chosen/faithful, which means they spend time adding these bonuses with very little time returned in the form of subscriptions compared to new raid/areas etc.

I’m giving criticisms not blasting your ideas. You can argue with as much of this as you want, as that’s the point in my post. I encourage anyone else to also give feedback, in this or other player suggestions.
(This was somewhat hastily typed out so forgive any mistakes and I have not intentionally ignored any current items that may have mechanics that I have claimed aren’t possible.)

I like these ideas. I definitely think there should be more diversity in armors!

Well… New Aztur, Vergil, Eumedines and Abmouth all have new mechanics. Especially Abmouth and Eumedines.

I actually think the current normal Abmouth tactic is not how the fight was intended to be done and we are cheesing it, but ultimately it seems Funcom decided they’ll just go with it.