Armor stats - possible errors

OK so i think im encountering a situation with armor stats.

Do stats from armor apply to thralls ?

Also the epic gear stats for armor are higher than regular armor right?

Because across two servers same gear but no stats and incorrect stats showing.


So using regular Pict Strength armor- +5 to stats- appears on me , but not on thrall.

Using Guardian Epic strength armor - +6 to stats which is incorrect, supposed to be + 8, also doesnt appear on thrall.

Server 6109-

Epic Guardian strength armor- +8 on me and my thrall.

Server 6437-

Epic Pict Strength armor- +8 on me and thrall

Soooo shenanigans on server 6110 ?

Epic and regular have the same stat bonuses. You need an armorer thrall to increase that.


Yep double checked its accursed armourer 3 on all 3 servers.

Solution appears to have resolved as stats are correct now and showing for both thrall and player properly on affected server.

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