Armor that makes me go hmmm?

There are 3 sets of armor in the game that kind of make me go hmmm?

  1. Pride of the Aesir:

    For the trouble it takes to unlock this set of armor and the trouble it takes to craft it I feel like the
    armor ratings for each piece needs a bump up. A regular epic Medium Cap crafted by a shield -
    right has a rating of 96.5 compared to 74 for the Pride of the Aesir Helmet.

    What’s the point of going to all the trouble to unlock this Feat and travelling all the way to the
    forge if I can make armor almost as good or better at my base?

    I feel like this set was overlooked when the new benches and crafter thrall changes were
    implemented. The only real advantages in crafting this set of armor is the cold weather resistance
    and increased durability now. Not to mention that it also weighs more than the regular Epic
    medium armor.

  2. Redeemed Silent Legion:

    Like the Pride of the Aesir this is another set of armor that one has to unlock. As it stands right
    now the armor rating is the same as most other Epic heavy armor. What is really weird is that the
    normal Silent Legion armor has a higher armor value.

    So I wonder if the armor ratings are switched on these 2 sets?

    As it is currently on testlive the only reason to craft the Redeemed Silent Legion is for the extra
    cold weather resistance.

  3. Reinforced Skelos Cultist:

    I find it odd that to make any piece of this armor set one needs to craft a regular padding and
    make the regular armor first. Then craft another padding, perfected this time, and also use the
    regular piece of armor to craft the Epic version. I can’t seem to wrap my head around why a
    piece of armor would require 2 paddings. Is that the reinforced part of the equation?

    Also, this light armor set has a higher armor rating than any medium armor. Not to mention light
    armor. To be honest, I have yet to craft this set so I’m not entirely certain that it’s light armor.
    However, since it requires 2 light armor paddings it would seem likely that it’s classified as a set
    of light armor.

    Which brings to mind the question that once someone has acquired the Feat why make any other
    light OR medium armor?

    The only reasons I can think of to craft anything other than the Reinforced Skelos Cultist armor is
    if one needs specific bonus attribute stats, or prefers heavy armor. Or if one is after a specific look
    for their character or thrall.

Any comments or enlightenment on these sets of armor is most welcome. As is any comments about armor that makes you go hmmm?

I play SP without any mods.

  1. I agree, this set should be way better considering the trouble you go through to get it compared to regular armor.

  2. I always use the redeemed legion pauldron. +4 strength with a t4 armorer goes a long way. The rest is pretty good too, but expensive.

  3. First off, it’s medium. It also gives +12 survival iirc for the full set which is meh in most cases but good for temp resist if you’re hanging around the far north and the vulcano and don’t want to use your epic PvP set while farming.


Thanks for enlightening me on the Reinforced Skelos armor. :+1: :+1:

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