Armor values... Umm Epic?

So I’m trying to wrap my head around something here regarding armor value.

I just hit 60 last night, yeah I know I’m slow…

Anyway I’d been capturing thralls, especially armorers since day 2. I got several named ones and have been running around in flawless armor for quite some time now.

Hit 60 and I see the epic sets and I think… Okay awesome! Armor upgrades.

Go through the work, didn’t bother checking numbers, just assumed… use the resources make the new stuff and look at the new, then a look at the old flawless… What? That can’t be right… Double take… Triple take… What?!?

Epic armor value is actually WORSE than flawless thrall crafted armor in pretty much all cases…? Yet epic armor takes significantly more resources to make. Who designed this shìt?

The fukk?